Wk 13 — Essay 2 — Art!

Duy Lam

Intro to Art 110

Professor Zucman

November 21, 2020

Creativity is the Culmination of Art

When I was picking my classes, I definitely had a different idea of what art was then I do now. Initially, I had picked to take this art class because I thought we had to draw and would learn different techniques on how to draw or paint. By this point in the semester, I learned that art is more about creativity and imagination; the art is based on my own perspective and how I perceive things in life. Art is basically my eyes as a lense given to others to see through. I have done many art activities and researched artists, like Bobi Bosson and Joseph Delappe, to know that art is not just about drawing or painting but can also be sculptures made out of plastic bottles or using virtual world games like GTA V. By seeing many artists use different media to show their creativity, I now know that art can be made of anything and anything can be art as well.

I am a biology major and my career goal was to get into the field of medicine and pharmaceutical. I know that art can be implemented into any career choices but I found it interesting that in my biology lab we had to draw bacteria by looking through our microscope. I had never considered looking at something so microscopic art, however, each bacteria slide that I looked at were unique in their own way. I started realizing that a lot of scientific jobs required some type of art, for example, with global warming and carbon emission rising, scientists built electric cars that required no real engine and the design for the car. I think that art will have a lasting impression on me where I would try to interpret artist’s ideas and what inspired their ideas to inspire my own.

Art definitely does matter in life, and I find it hard to imagine a world without art. If art was no longer in this world I guess everything would be bland and boring with no color. People will no longer be able to see other’s perspectives of life and they will be unable to comprehend what others are thinking. I believe that creativity would not be much more than a grain of sand. The quote “A great nation deserves great art” is what I believe in because a great nation is where people are free and can express what they want. Art is the culmination of how people express themselves and their point of view. I believe this quote can also work the opposite way around.

This semester I have experienced many different types of art that I would have never thought would tie into the category of art. I have learned the art of architecture and how difficult it is to arrange the CSULB let alone people arranging a city. I have also learned that virtual worlds in games is also art in itself where it allows us to connect to people across the world in a game. Not only have we been learning different types of art but how to connect to people on a professional and personal level to help us in our future career.