Week 8 — Artist — Joseph DeLappe & Micol Hebron

Duy Lam

Intro to Art 110

Professor Zucman

October 17, 2020

Artist: Micol Hebron, Joseph Delappe

Media: Painting, Pictures, Sculpture, Games

Website: http://micolhebron.artcodeinc.com/ / http://www.delappe.net/

Instagram: @unicornkiller1 / @josephdelappe

Today’s Artist: Micol Hebron and Joseph Delappe

Both Micol Hebron and Joseph Delappe are present day artists that are trying to make art about present day problems. Although the problems that they are trying to acknowledge are different, they are both currently debated throughout all of America. Through Micol Hebron’s work of photographs and sculptures, it can be concluded that Hebron’s work reflects the support of feminism. On the other hand Joseph Delappe’s work displays political problems like violence in America.

Hebron’s art on feminism is displayed through much of her work, like her piece called “Barbara”, Hebron created a quartz crystal vagina in the wall of the art gallery. The texture of the piece might be rigged and rough due to the hundreds of individual crystals placed to create a five and a half foot vagina which is bigger than most people. The crystals were mostly clear in color but took on the color of the background which was white. The vagina also poured out pina coladas out of it for the guests to drink. Personally, one of the most inspiring works by Joseph Delappe was the huge sculpture of Gandhi. The 17’ foot cardboard statue of Gandhi was the center of Delappe’s idealization for America. The statue can be seen to have no sharp edges, unlike Hebron’s work, making the Gandhi seem to be made out of one piece of cardboard; in addition, the statue is not painted and keeps the original brown cardboard color.

Micol Hebron’s piece of “Barbara” in the “Sisterhood is Powerful” exhibit displays one of the many feminist art work Hebron had worked on. With “Barbara” as the most eye-catching out of the exhibit because of the many pieces of quartz crystals individually placed. The white and clear coloration of the vagina could have symbolized purity and the individually placed crystals may have symbolized individualism and that everyone is different. With Hebron’s piece at nearly six feet, the size of the vagina represents the importance of feminism and women’s rights. Similar to Hebron’s piece, Delappe’s size with the “Cardboard Gandhi” piece is also big, standing at 17 feet to signify the importance of Gandhi, who fought for freedom and peace. Looking at Delappe’s other art works, Delappe highlights the violences and problems that people face in America. The “Cardboard Gandhi” is supposed to represent Joseph Delappe’s center belief of peace.

I believe in both Micol Hebron and Joseph Delappe’s work wholeheartedly. Their work stems out towards different issues in America. I believe that the solution for these issues are equal rights, peace, and freedom which comes from the foundation our founding fathers based on.



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