Wk 12 — Art Activity — New Friends

  1. Before this activity, I didn’t know Diego at all besides maybe seeing his name on zoom or on the roaster.
  2. I definitely know him better now, especially after finding something that we both like which was cars.
  3. I think this is definitely a good way to meet people during a pandemic although since it was kind of forced, I do think that it was awkward to message them in the first couple of days.
  4. Since we didn’t know what else each other liked using, we just decided on texting using phone numbers was the most convenient. Although I think discord would have been better because you can call or text.
  5. It was easy for me to use padlet because I had used it before in my classes and I think it works pretty well, however, I think padlet is for a who class to put their ideas onto instead of just one person.
  6. To connection in a professional way, I think just text or messaging a classmate that is the same major as you would be a great way to connect.




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Duy Lam

Duy Lam

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