Wk 13 — Art Activity — Portfolio Research

Walgreens Pharmacy has a list of jobs for students who are looking for internships. The list includes community pharmacy internship, corporate pharmacy intern program, pharmacy education assistance program, pharmacy technician externship program, and pharmacy technician job shadow.

2. CVS Pharmacy Internship-

CVS also offers summer internships for students and graduates. The website talks about how students and graduates will be able to develop leadership skills and professional skills like dispensing, infusion, consulting, and management.

3. Advanced Healthcare Pharmacy-

This Pharmacy is local to where I live in Orange County. The job of this Pharmacy is to distribute medicine to patients and explain different effects it has on them. It is also worth mentioning that this Pharmacy is mostly Vietnamese which I also know how to speak.



Both the blog and the youtube video shows me that he is more normal than I thought he was because he told the story of his first year of college and how he had a 2.4 GPA. However, Paul Tran does speak in a professional way in his youtube video and does a great job of explaining Pharmacy School.

2. Jim Erickson

In the first interview question about his background, it seems as though he has a normal conversation with some and talks about his family and interest, however, he then gets more professional talking about medical equipments and life as a pharmacist.

3. Beth Lofgren

Beth is a pharmacist with a Ph.D and reviews anything related to pharmacy. She strongly cares for the health of her patients and even talking about the health care and benefits of presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

I believe that a website is great for informing people of what you are interested in doing. So I believe that creating a website with your credentials and what you have accomplished will attract the eyes of some career field that might offer you a job. In addition, a website can contain your contact information for the job to contact you in anyway for further questions or even an interview.




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